Volunteer Coordinator: Driving While Intoxicated


Driving intoxicated wasn’t just a one-time thing. I haven’t done it for a long time now, but in college, I did it a lot.

We drank a lot then. It was the culture. Probably four weeks out of the night we were drinking.

We lived by a Taco John’s my sophomore year, literally right across the street. We’d be drinking at our house until two, three in the morning when we’d get hungry. Taco John’s closes early, but their drive-thru stays open late. Now, they don’t let you just walk through a drive-thru. So we’d get into our cars, drive through to get food, turn around, and go the few feet back home.

It wasn’t just drinking and driving (although for the most part it was). For instance, one day me and one of my buddies smoked some pot, drove up to the Dairy Queen for some Blizzards, and then drove back home.

I never drank a drop of alcohol before college. I was in a lot of sports, and I was just so paranoid that I would be kicked off the team.

But once I got to college, I started drinking and smoking pot. That was our lifestyle.

After I graduated—thank God I graduated—I moved away from the college town, got a job, and got on with my life.