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What’s your story?

Spend some time thinking about it.

Sit by yourself.

Think of college. High school. Middle school.

Think about a time when you were drunk, or young, or stupid, or rebelling, or exploring, or angry, or in a bad relationship, or hanging out with the wrong crowd. Think of a time when no one was looking, or when they really should have paid you more, or when it wasn’t your idea anyway.

Think of the time no one got hurt, so it shouldn’t count.

Or when you gave it back anyway.

Or when they didn’t even miss it.

Or when it was just once.

Or when everyone else was doing it.

Or when you felt like you had no choice.

Think of how your life would be different had you been caught.

Had you been labeled an addict, or an assailant, or a fraud, or a thief?

So, what’s your story?


This project depends upon participants—their humor, humility, and generosity. Thank you.

We’re all ears


dr's assistant


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the project. Did it change the way you think about crime, criminal records, and second chances? Tell us about what’s being done to challenge the narrative and disrupt the “clean v. criminal” dichotomy in your community!