We Are All Criminals catalyzes conversations about crime, privilege, punishment, and second chances. We get the word out through this website, social media, traveling and interactive art exhibits, presentations across the United States, and our new photo-packed book.

The responses to presentations have been overwhelmingly positive from employers (I just realized that I wouldn’t be eligible to work in my own company, had I been caught); law enforcement (When I first saw We Are All Criminals, honestly, I felt quite defensive. But after learning more about the project, I started processing the information and am still thinking about it. I’ve thought about what my own story might be, and it’s changed the way I view criminality); prison wardens (This project highlights what’s missing in corrections: empathy); students (You have inspired me to question what I thought I understood); professors (The more I look at your TERRIFIC project with my sociological eye (and hopefully some small bit of creativity), the more I become fascinated with the possibilities it holds for our understanding of crime, punishment, and moral panics), policymakers (This needs to be shared!), faith leaders (WAAC is a compelling and essential message for everyone to hear) and more.

Banners and other exhibits have been displayed at art galleries, law firms, universities, places of worship, state capitol rotundas, and organizers’ basements from coast to coast.

Invite us to your college, city, or organization–or wherever you’re interested in igniting the conversation and creating change together–by sending Emily a note at [email protected]