White Trans

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I am a white transperson from a working class family. I spent most of my youth struggling with my gender identity and learning disabilities while self medicating with drugs and alcohol. I was fortunate enough to transfer from a state school to an Ivy League college, graduate with honors, and earn a prestigious government scholarship to do research abroad.

Under 18
1. Underage drinking
2. Drug consumption – weed, mushrooms, acid, opium, painkillers
3. Public intoxication
4. Trespassing 

5. Shoplifting (maybe 2-3 times)
6. Lying on student financial aid, Masshealth, and food stamps applications so that I could afford to transition and stay in college
7. Sharing my medication with someone who could not afford ADHD testing and was struggling in school
8. Weed
9. Using someone else’s ID while underage 
10. Piracy 
11. Sex in public places

I’ve never done anything in my life to hurt another person but if I had been caught doing the above my ability to dedicate my life to helping other people would be severely circumscribed.