white and pulled over

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I have been pulled over many times for moving and non-moving violations for many years. I’m white, and anytime I’m pulled over by a black police officer, they let me off the hook with a verbal or written warning, never a fine or worse. Traffic violations are not the only time I have met the police. There were several other instances, mostly when I was in HS or College: every time it was a black police officer, I was let off the hook with a warning only when it could have been drunk driving, or minor in possession of alcohol, or possession of a controlled substance. They could have hauled me off to jail, slammed me with a bunch of charges, all of which I was complete guilty about, but no. Today, anytime I get pulled over or have to interface with the police, this white guy hopes that they are black, I have a great batting record with black cops, they’re awesome.