The pharmacist

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In high school, some of my friends used to joke that I was “the pharmacist.” I’ve sold small amounts of weed, acid, and E. In fact, whenever I wanted to do drugs, I’d buy in bulk and sell what I didn’t want to friends and friends of friends to make a profit. This sometimes included more addictive drugs. I’ve done all the “standard” drugs I can think of besides heroin.

I’ve driven drunk several times, sometimes when I knew that I was not even remotely capable of driving well. I’ve driven while having an acid trip; I’ve driven after smoking marijuana, although it does seem to make me more aware and cautious. I’m extremely lucky to not have hurt anyone and the thought of this happening has made me stop doing this.

Before getting into my first highway accident (weather-related and I didn’t hit anyone, luckily) I often drove the maximum speed my car was capable of, around 120 mph.

I’ve made some money off of shoplifting. Anything in my wardrobe that wasn’t a gift or second-hand is stolen. Many of my household items are stolen. Books. Food. I had tools for this purpose. The “worst” was a single item worth around seven grand. This is not terribly outrageous, I guess. I made it a “rule” to never steal from a place that wasn’t a (corporate fat cat) chain store, but I once broke this rule and it’s the only crime I’ve ever felt guilty about committing, I think.