stepmom #13

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I grew up in a wealthy part of the bay area. My father, although extremely wealthy and willing to share his money with his offspring, was never present. He was too busy cheating on his current wife and finding a new model to become stepmom #13 (mild exaggeration). He was extremely informed on everything that was going on in my life, not because he asked me, but because he had cameras, microphones, and tracking devises all over our house, my room, my car, and my phone. A lot of my depression and anxiety stemmed from the relationship I had with him.

My criminal career began at 13. In 7th grade, my friends and I found out how to break into an elementary school classroom. We would sneak out at night in the summer and hang out there.

In 8th grade, I started smoking weed. I also sent a boy a naked picture of myself, which ended up circulating my school.

My freshmen year of high school, I started partying a lot. I would get black-out drunk. One time, I was so drunk that after I got dropped off at my house by a friend, I stumbled my way to a busy street and tried to hitch-hike to another party.

My sophomore year of high school, I started smoking weed again. Up until the beginning of my senior year of high school, I did it almost every day. I have driven drunk and high on numerous occasions.

During my junior year, I started doing a lot of cocaine. My friends and I would constantly bring our weed, bongs, and coke onto public property, and sometimes even do it in the back yard of random luxurious houses. I stopped going to school for awhile and planned to drop out.

I am only 18 now, but when I was 17, I decided on my own to get sober. I stopped drinking and using all drugs. I started going back to school and actually ended up graduating high school early. I moved to a different state on my own and started college 6 months early. I plan to become a prison counselor and hopefully help with the reintegration process. I have already gotten offers for internships and tours of prisons and their mental health departments. No matter what the circumstance, I believe everyone commits crime because of some sort of pain they’re suffering. Everyone deserves a chance at redemption. 🙂