someone who was caught

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When I first got my license, I drove aimlessly for hours and hours and often with a car full of friends. The first time I got a speeding ticket, It was out of stupidity. Literally trying to see how fast my new car could go on a back country road, but I got pulled over minutes later. Then a couple years went by, and I kept getting speeding tickets, I still hadn’t learned my lesson.

Summer of 2013, I got pulled over. I was going 10 over the speed limit (and of course I got a speeding ticket) The cop informed me that my insurance was expired, and told me to simply send proof that I do have valid insurance to the county. I paid the speeding ticket, and also sent in valid insurance the following day of this event. I knew I had to send it in right away, just so I could move on from the incident and not cause anymore damage by not doing so.

The following summer of 2014, a friend of mine was driving my car, I was in the passenger seat and we were set out to pick up a friend from the airport. As my friend entered the airport area, the speed limit dropped but he was going 5, maybe 10 over the speed limit when we got pulled over. My friend made up some bullshit excuse that he did not realize the speed limit dropped, and OF COURSE he got away free without any speeding ticket. After my friend was in the clear, the cop then proceeded to ask for my license. I handed it over willingly, cause I figured nothing could come from doing so. He went back to his cop car, minutes later he was at my door saying there was a warrant for my arrest, put my in handcuffs and then put me in the back of his cop car. He took my cellphone. I had no idea why this was happening, I had NO CLUE there was a warrant for my arrest. There n was a young girl in the passenger seat, shadowing this officer. I asked her why this was happening, and she ignored me like i was some sort of murderer. The officer was reading my texts and laughing.

I was brought to the County Jail. My father is a well known entrepreneur; I have lived a VERY sheltered life, I was not prepared to be treated how I was treated in this jail. I was put into a jump suit and placed into a room that was smaller then my arm span. A woman joined me in this room, also in a orange jumpsuit. I was scared shitless being in such a small vicinity with someone who COULD have been in there for a serious crime. Then they took my mug shot, and I sat in a processing room that was filled with women. I was the only white woman there. There was windows that surrounded the processing room, I could look across to where the men were being held. They were pounding on the windows, making sexual actions towards us. I wanted to cry, but I didn’t. When I was waiting, there was a young girl who was passed out on the bench. It was her turn to get fingerprinted, and go up stairs to the actual jail cells. The cop was pulling on her and pushing her, as an attempt to wake her up like she was not a worthy human being. All of the woman that were in there were talking about how this was not their first time in jail, they were used to the routine. I had to pee so bad, but the only way I could use the bathroom, would have been on a steel toilet that was in the middle of the room filled with women, and also windows surrounding this room. So I held it. The whole time, I wanted to speak to my mom, ( She is very over protective, and being that I was in jail from 6pm-3am I knew she was scared that I hadn’t contacted her within that time period).

Long story short, I was treated like complete shit in this jail, all because the officer did not write off that I DID MAIL IN MY PROOF OF INSURANCE. They did not write it off, so I was put into this situation. Now I get soooo anxious driving because I worry so much about getting pulled over. Cops literally terrify me. If this nonsense happened to me, it has probably happened to numerous others. It has to stop.