road rage

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As much as a regret this, in high school I would sell weed and various other illegal drugs leaving everything in my car. I was always scared of getting robbed so I would also keep a concealed fire arm in the car. One day I was on a back road at a stop sign when someone who must’ve been in a hurry who had been tailgating me for a good mile or two slams on the horn because I was “making them late by stopping at a stop sign.” I was having a bad day and got a bit too cocky. I let my rage of the day get ahold of me, grabbed the firearm and held it out the window in plain view of the driver behind me. They immediately reversed and pulled away as fast as I’ve ever seen. I was never apprehended for my action and I still regret it to this day. Now a days the only illegal activity i take part in is toking on a joint every week or so.