Possession and Use of Marijuana; Underage Drinking; Public Urination; Theft

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I had always abided by the rules as a kid, my mom was pretty strict on that kind of stuff. The summer before my Junior year of high school (when I was 15 going on 16), I asked a volleyball teammate to get me in to some parties. I was ready to do something exciting and rebellious for once. A few weeks later I smoked weed for the first time; after that I started dating a college guy who I would smoke with about once a week for like two months. When we broke up I smoked a few more times then quit. Now, I just drink with my friends (we’re all underage).

I’ve peed outside at parties, been drunk at 2:00 am and in public at our local McDonald’s and again at a country concert last summer. I steal packaged fruit from work just about every time I go in and once stole fake glasses from the mall because I really liked how they looked on me. Me and my friends also whipped out a bottle of vodka on the highway one day after our afternoon volleyball practice; I’ve rode in the car without a seatbelt numerous times. I’ve trespassed a few places where all the “cool” kids go (including two supposedly haunted nearby train tunnels). I guess you could say public indecency if you wanna count having sex in the back of my ex’s truck in the middle of his grandpa’s backyard — in view of the hotel.
Now, I’m getting through my first year of college — so I’m sure there will be more to add later.