My crimes

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If I had been caught and convicted of my crimes, my goal of becoming a juvenile probation officer would be unobtainable. Throughout high school my best friend would steal clothes whenever she wanted new things and when eventually I adopted that lifestyle, I was able to save my money for a car. I stole my entire wardrobe during my sophomore and junior years of high school and it wasn’t until an alarm went off in one of the stores that I stopped. It scared me too much to ever steal again (even though I was not caught during that incident).

Also in high school I would drag race daily because my school was right off the highway. I would win every time topping out at 115 mph because I knew my friends were too scared to ever keep up. I took pride in being the one that could always beat the guys. Now in college I occasionally underage drink, drive with alcohol in the car, and smoke marijuana — which is the norm here. I don’t consider myself a criminal but looking at people with theft convictions I tend not to trust them. Definitely a double standard.