keep your mouth shut

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Shoplifting a pair of earrings from a store in the mall before I was 13. I was so freaked out I never did that again. Egged a neighbor’s house with a bunch of other girls. The police came by our slumber party to ask about it, and the other girls just told me to keep my mouth shut. I was terrified.
In my later teens/early 20s, smoked pot, snorted cocaine, drunk driving–all numerous times. Magic mushrooms, LSD, sex in public, driving an unregistered vehicle, then lying to a police officer. Lots of this stuff while I was going to college and working at Disneyland. Got a college degree, got married, stopped doing everything except occasionally driving drunk. That was years ago. Never got caught for any of it, because I’m an upper middle class white woman. But I see other peoples’ lives in complete shambles for doing the same stupid stuff I did.