I currently work as a case manager in Community Corrections!

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I have been able to forget so many things I have done, but not only am I able to forget them, I am able to joke about them!

In middle school, my friend and I would go to the local grocery store and fill our backpacks with cigarettes, they were right next to the registers! I also got caught stealing from a couple of stores in the mall, but my mom came in, yelled at me and they let her take me home, with no further consequences. I did lose the chance to have my birthday party that night.

Then in high school, I was terrible. It started with underage smoking, drinking, and selling drugs at school. That later turned into hanging out with a group of friends that was much older than me, we rode around in a van that we all spray painted and it actually said “Please don’t pull me over” on the back! We used a lot of drugs, sold drugs out of the van, drove with no licenses, we would drive drunk all the time. Anytime we would get pulled over, the drugs all came to me, because we all knew that the police would be more concerned with whether or not I was kidnapped, I never got searched, and I was the only one that never got in trouble. We called in fake bomb threats, had sex in public places, and stole food all the time to eat. I didn’t even need to steal food, I lived in a nice neighborhood, in a very nice house, and we were pretty well off.

There is so much more and if I would have gotten caught doing half of the things I did I would definitely not be where I am today, I have an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, and in less than a year, I will have a Master’s Degree in Adult Education – Human Services. I currently work as a case manager in Community Corrections!