Grand Mariner

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I had my first cigarette when I was 11 and first drink when I was 12, so it’s no wonder I never found substance abuse that much of an issue. I smoked weed with my brother who was a dealer, but not so often. I stopped even occasionally smoking because I hated it, but drinking always made me feel good. I was 22 when my sister graduated high school and I graduated college. She hadn’t ever really been drunk so I thought our combined graduation party would be a good enough time as ever to get her started. She had some Grand Mariner in Sprite and hated it and didn’t drink the rest of the night. And that’s all it would’ve taken, one sip and a slightly worse night for my little sister and I’m a criminal for providing alcohol to a minor. I’m not sure I’d have been admitted in the PhD program I’m in now had I been convicted. Maybe the culture needed to change, or maybe I needed to not be such an idiot.