Flash forward

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It was a few days before my seventeenth birthday, and I asked a few guys at work what I should do to celebrate (besides the usual). One recommended that I urinate in public: at 16 it was still a juvenile offense in my state, and at 17 you became responsible as an adult. I thought it was a weird suggestion and laughed it off.

Flash forward to the night before my birthday. I was out walking with some friends, and, in fact, suddenly had to go. I found a somewhat-hidden ditch by the road and had my friend stand watch; there was a girl walking with us, and I made her wait across the road and down a bit. I don’t think any cars even drove by, there was never any risk.

I know the consequences though. The job I’d been working was at my high school. They hire a few current and former students each summer, and the guy who recommended that I misdemean was there because he had dropped out and had a record, and could only get employment where he knew someone.

His crime: public urination. He was 17.