Behind my back

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As a timid girl with curly hair and on the honor roll, I silently decided to rebel. And I was never caught doing any of these things.

During junior high, I shoplifted from every store in my town — sometimes with my mother in the next aisle. Clothing, food, beauty supplies, cigarettes, gifts for my mother. (She still has one gift on display in her living room.)

High school: vandalized 26 lockers by gluing the dials and keyholes shut. Pulled fire alarms. Once brought alcohol to school in a coffee travel mug. Snuck out with older boy to make out in a car. Vandalized teacher’s car worth $3000. Slept with men my mother’s age.

Age 18: multiple occasions driving drunk and high, over a period of four years. Met a dealer in the city and hung at a few parties. Met a hippie boyfriend, drove around for a few weeks in a VW bus with stolen plates, getting high. Sex in public places. Broke into buildings and trespassed. Stole cash a few times from a workplace because I didn’t have enough gas money to make it home: I felt intense guilt and paid it back later.

NOW I remember all this and realize I am normal, great career I have. Then I look at my 15 year old daughter and think OH SHIT! What is she pulling behind MY back!?