and i still toke

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indecent exposure
-possession of weed (was an addict for awhile…and I’m still using more than I should)
-distribution of weed
-possession of controlled substance (tried meth once against my wishes…used Xanax regularly and illegally, but I wasn’t an addict…and I never bought it ;)…it definitely helped me get to sleep at night for awhile)
-public drunkenness
-soliciting a prostitute (did this when I didn’t want to be gay…and then a couple more times because I had fun the first time…I then did this a couple of times more after a breakup and it’s been 3 years since)
-petty theft (from a grocery store during less fortunate days…)

-probably trespassing…I’m sure I’ve walked on something I shouldn’t have walked on…

However, I do have an arrest record for assault & battery DV, which I got after I called 911 on someone…The irony of life is that I have an arrest record for something I didn’t do while I don’t have a record for any of the things I actually did.

I am currently a PhD student in chemistry…and I still toke.