Parks employee: Indecent Exposure, Trespassing, Possession of Controlled Substances, and Minor Consumption

I don’t have too many singular, amazing stories. In general, I was an average suburban kid. But that was not inconsistent breaking the law: my criminal acts were almost culturally mandated, like rites of passage.

For example, trespassing was a necessary part of my high school experience. Sneaking into parks after midnight to hook up was the realization of an American trope: you know, going out into the hayfield to mess around.

It’s this transgression that’s sanctioned by our culture.

It was relatively innocent—but there are so many ways that, had the circumstances been different, it would have seemed like something so much worse. Of course, there were times when these encounters did involve marijuana or alcohol, so the stakes were a bit higher, although it never really felt that way.

The same can be said for my soft patterns of recreational drug use, although I don’t know how valuable it is for you to hear stories of the time I tried cocaine or any other drugs…