Policy Analyst: Failure to Stop for Accident to Property, Failure to Notify Collision with Unattended Vehicle


It wasn’t the day after I got my license, but it was close to then. It was homecoming weekend, and the night before I had hit a car in the school’s lot so I was already nervous.

I was in a mall lot and they had those diagonal slanting lines. I pulled all the way through one of those (because my mom told me that’s what you should do so I guess it’s partially her doing).

There was this guy in front of me with a huge SUV with I think a gun rack in it. It was taking me forever, slowly and methodically trying to get out of this parking spot. I was pissing a lot of people off.

I’m turning turning turning, think I can make it, think I can make and then bam I hit a truck next to me and it went like this and everyone inside got jostled.

My windows were open and my music was on so I did the total ditzy white chick thing, and yelled Sorry! and vroom! drove off as quickly as I could.

Since then, I’ve clipped the bumper of a black Lexus, run into a few poles, scraped up the car backing out my garage, and hit a few other cars. I know I probably shouldn’t have gotten my driver’s license on my first attempt. To this day, I will admit that I absolutely suck at parking.

But lately when that happens, and yes – it still happens – I stop and talk to the person.