Graduate Student: Possession of Controlled Substances; Theft of Government Property; False Identification; Public Urination; Open Container; Public Indecency

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Should I tell you about the drug offenses? There’s marijuana, coke, LSD, Molly, study drugs. Sorry, this is really weird.

Oh, I stole a traffic cone.

I used a fake ID, peed in public, had an open container.

I have never been arrested, much less convicted.

Oh, I had sex on an international flight. I’m sorry—I was 18.

I’m nervous talking about it. It’s a little uncomfortable, you know? Wow. I am a criminal.

I know that my affluence, race, and gender play a role in this. I’m so fortunate to still be where I am today.

Most of it happened in college, and I don’t regret it. It’s a part of my life—of who I am. Those mistakes? I learned from them. I wouldn’t trade that.