If we lived anywhere else, we would have been caught. If we had lived where we lived and had skin any color other than white, we definitely would have been caught. But we lived in an affluent neighborhood on a very white street and the only time we saw flashing lights was if holiday displays were plugged in.

When I left home for college, the bubble stayed white.

I remember coming back home on a break and reading the local news.

There had been a bust on the other side of town, in a not-so-affluent, not-so-white neighborhood.

The four guys they arrested were accused of committing crimes that sounds very familiar. Their mugshots were printed after the first paragraph. They looked tired and angry and I wondered if they were thinking about me in that moment. Not me me. But the mes and the uses that do the same stuff with, well, impunity.

You look like you’re going to throw up, I remember my sister saying.