Business owner: Sale of Controlled Substances


I grew up in northern Minnesota but went to college at a private school in Wisconsin for my freshman year. Sophomore year I transferred to Duluth, moving in with my old high school friends. It didn’t take long to figure out that they were no longer just smoking pot; now they were selling it. Now I’m no angel, but they took it to another level.

It was soon decided that I was the ideal conduit to the untapped market across the lake.

I wouldn’t say that my participation was key to the entire operation, but it helped. After they trained me in, I answered phones. I determined who was a genuine smoker and who might be a snitch, and I sometimes took money, too.

Did I profit? Sure.

Very few of us have walked the perfect path. We all make errors in life. Hopefully, as we get older we make less.

Now I coach my sons’ hockey teams. Every year, I breeze through the applications: Have you ever been convicted of and then it lists ten or twelve offenses. I check no no no no. If it asked instead Have you ever committed, I don’t know how I would answer.

I’ve been in sales for 20 plus years and I can draw a straight line from my first internship out of college to where I’m at now. I’ve been lucky that nothing threw me off course.