Retail salesperson: Indecent Exposure, Possession of Counterfeit Goods

I consider myself a pretty open person, but when I heard about this project, I thought, how dare they say that? I purposefully don’t do anything wrong.

But I suppose if you count the time on a dare I stripped down naked on a fairly highly trafficked street and made snow angels on my friend’s front lawn, that might count. Oh, and I was 18 and other people there were 17. I hear about people streaking down the street drunk and getting labeled as sex offenders, so yeah.

Or the time I went to this black market kinda place. Fake designer purses, DVDs, you know. Yeah, I bought something.

I didn’t really think they’d arrest people for so little.

And when I think about the stories my parents would tell me, wow. It’s different now, you know?